Community Impact

Goal: To create a world-class attraction along the St. Johns River

·        Increase interest in conservation of natural resources throughout the area

·        Increase the public’s understanding of wildlife, their natural habitats, and how we affect them

·        Help invigorate the city by bringing more tourists and jobs to the city

·        Be an interactive educational facility and research location

·        Provide a new community location for special events

Community Impact numbers:

·        Preliminary attendance potential: 625,000 – 1,062,000

·        Total revenues are  estimated at $14.6 million in a stable year of operation

·        $13.5 million annual operating budget will be new direct spending in Duval County and Florida as a whole

·        $30.8 million in wages and salaries supporting 989 total jobs in Duval County

·        $39.6 million in wages and salaries, supporting 1,236 total jobs in the State

·        Mid-range annual fiscal revenue through potential sales and hotel taxes of $655,000 to Duval County and $1.9 million in taxes to the State